Story is a powerful way to build compassion and bridge understanding between cultures. Story has the power to heal as well as teach.

Beyond Boundaries · Essays and tidbits from Nancy Bo Flood

Eagle flying

Sensory Images and Metaphor

April 21, 2022

Working with students in their classroom, after talking about creating sensory images and the use of metaphor, I read one of my favorite poems, “Seven Ways of Looking at Eagles,” written by Tonia Scabby Face, Lakota, a middle-school student at Red Cloud Indian School.

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Good Luck Gold & more

Wong and Vardell on Poetry

April 19, 2022

Today, in celebration of National Poetry Month, I’d like to share this video from Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell, talking about the book Good Luck Gold & more by Janet and sharing a poem from Jen Bryant, “Laugh,” in Pomelo Books’ Things We Do.

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April Halprin Wayland

April Halprin Wayland

April 16, 2022

My friend, poet and teacher April Halprin Wayland, shares one of her poems with us, “Exercising My Voice.”

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Joy Harjo

Joy Harjo

April 14, 2022

A poem by Joy Harjo, poet, activist, educator, 23rd Poet Laureate of the United States, Mvskoke [Creek] Nation

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John F. Kennedy

JFK and Poetry

April 12, 2022

May I share a quote from John F. Kennedy that I keep above my desk?

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Water is Magic

April 5, 2022

Let us continue Celebrating Water.

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Water's Children

Water’s Children

March 29, 2022

Water: a book, a poem, a brief essay … a continuation of the celebration of water.

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Walking for Water

March 22, 2022

Water is precious. Water is life. Water is unfair, but this doesn’t have to be.

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