Story is a powerful way to build compassion and bridge understanding between cultures. Story has the power to heal as well as teach.

Beyond Boundaries · Essays and tidbits from Nancy Bo Flood

Upcoming Webinar

September 8, 2020

This weekend, I’ll be presenting at the RM-SCBWI  Fall Conference  September 12 & 13 I invite you to join us for my virtual pre-recorded workshop session  from 11 am to 11:50 am MT, Saturday morning, September 12th Nancy Bo Flood Workshop Description:  Mental Illness, the Elephant in the Great Green Room of Children’s Literature…

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Dancing Celebrates Life

June 18, 2020

Dancing celebrates life. Sharing life. Friendships. Trust.

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I can't breathe

One person at a time, one kindness

June 3, 2020

Last night again I was up, connected by I-phone to the people of Powderhorn. Their neighborhood is amazing. The residents were all watching out for each other, reporting on the movements of suspected KKK in the park, the National Guard, the police … gunshots, fires exploding, businesses burning… and I was reflecting, this is our…

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I Will Dance

Celebrating I Will Dance

May 26, 2020

I Will Dance celebrates the joy of dancing, the importance of belonging, and the determination of Eva, a child who could barely move but dreamed of dancing … not imagine, not pretend, and not alone.

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Amsterdam war memorial

Never Again

March 3, 2020

NEVER AGAIN—the cry of survivors of the Holocaust NEVER AGAIN—continues to echo across Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, and on and on Last fall when I first began biking from Belgium to Holland, I was amazed at the beauty all around me and the resourcefulness of humans to reclaim this land from the sea, to make…

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Rights of Children: Education

February 4, 2020

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela Yes, education is power. All children have the right to go to school. All children have the right to learn to read. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states in Article 26: All children have a right to an…

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Not Allowed

January 28, 2020

Last week  I introduced The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This astounding document lists thirty basic rights promised to children everywhere.  Today lets look more closely at several of these rights – freedom, home and family, and protection from harm and torture. NOT ALLOWED No person No government Has the right to take away a…

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We Are All Born Free

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Pictures

January 21, 2020

On December 17th, I introduced to my readers the visionary document, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I asked, “What if during this holiday time of gifts and family, food and laughter, you could give to every child—or even one child—the gift of safety, of being with family, having a home, a full tummy with…

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