Young Adult Mental Health Booklists:

Workbooks and Guides for Books from Nancy Bo Flood

Cowboy Up!

Activity Guide - A free download for teachers to use Cowboy Up! Ride the Navajo Rodeo - 28 pages of activities for almost all aspects of the curriculum

Deb Gonzales, creator of the Teacher's Guide, describes contents here.

Read at Home, Inc., a nonprofit organization, seeks funding to provide material and training support to early childhood programs and schools that serve U.S. indigenous children ages 2-6.

Research has shown that reading at home has a positive effect on literacy skill development.

We provide monthly subscriptions to high quality magazines that are age-appropriate, engaging, and easy-to-read. These are shared with children in class, and then sent home, to support and encourage family members to engage in a variety of literacy activities with their young children.