Story is a powerful way to build compassion and bridge understanding between cultures. Story has the power to heal as well as teach.

Beyond Boundaries · Essays and tidbits from Nancy Bo Flood

Romancing the Dark in the City of Light

Writing the Story of Mental Illness for Young Readers

March 1, 2022

I have been pulled toward the subject of suicide since I was a teen despite its stigma, and worked on my first suicide hotline when I was eighteen. That’s because as an adolescent I struggled not only with depression but with some periods of suicidality, and I understand the dangerous power and seduction of it when one is suffering mental despair.

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Crazy Horse and Custer

S.D. Nelson

February 8, 2022

S.D. Nelson, Standing Rock Sioux, author and artist, meticulous researcher, passionate about the history of his people, his ancestors, his homeland, Indian and white, has written the epic story of Crazy Horse and Custer.

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coral reef

Singularity (after Stephen Hawking)

January 25, 2022

Being   process   not a thing, not matter   more thoughts and this poem Singularity by Marie Howe (after Stephen Hawking) Do you sometimes want to wake up to the singularity We once were? So…

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Chinle PLanting Hope

Chinle Planting Hope

January 11, 2022

Imagine this. During the pandemic your schools have been closed for over a year. The nearest public library is over 70 miles away. There are no bookstores.

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Two special books

December 21, 2021

My holiday gift to all, two special books, quickly read but words and images that will stay with you and rekindle hope and gratitude.

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Laughter, Sacred and Healing

December 14, 2021

During this season of giving, I wish to give thanks and to honor Rose Tahe, friend and co-author of First Laugh, Welcome Baby.

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Walk in beauty

December 7, 2021

Hozho. May we all walk in beauty. In harmony. In kindness.

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We are Grateful

National Native American Indian Heritage Month

November 30, 2021

Thankful for readers and librarians and bookstores and teachers and parents and grandparents—all who make our world of readers! Wishing you a wonderful — and healthy — holiday season! For…

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