What if you had to walk a mile for that glass of cold wonderful water…and when you finally got it, the water was warm, muddy, and with weird things floating in it? Yuck! Over a billion people on our earth spend most of their day walking for water. Some, especially girls, may spend their entire life walking for water.

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Speak Out: Water

Carrying water

Imagine, you turn on the faucet in the bathroom. No water. Same in the kitchen, no water. You ask your neighbor, what’s happening? No one has running water. Now you need to go to the bathroom. No water in the toilet to flush. You want to wash your hands. You are thirsty.

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Rain Stick Making

To begin a conversation between children and water, I presented my Water-Write-Workshop to teachers and parents at The Leonardo Museum, Salt Lake City. The workshop was held right in the middle of the museum’s amazing, inspiring water exhibit. We were surrounded with images, sounds, and words about water.

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Celebrating PLA 2016

Sylvia Vardell and Nancy Bo Flood

I had a wonderful time visiting with librarians, the vitality of the book world, and presenting about poetry with Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell. And then there were the other authors I met, the rock stars!

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Rain’s surprise role in water pollution

When rain falls on concrete, asphalt, tilled fields or barren soil, it is immediately recycled as surface water; there is no time for cleaning. Currently, the biggest contributor to pollution…

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Going out costs a lot (of water)

A lot of water is necessary to manufacture “things,” such as the shirt you are wearing. That shirt? About 700 gallons. How much water does it take to make a…

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Talking about why water matters

water fountain girl

Sharing water. Sharing ideas. Read Water Runs Through This Book, then check out these questions. When you’re discussing this book, you’re discussing our future.

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