Turning fog into much-needed water

People who live in the driest desert on earth use huge nets to catch fog and “harvest” water. The Atacama in Chile is an “absolute desert,” but over one million…

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How much water do you use daily?

tennis shoes

Most people in the United States use about 100 gallons of water each day. People who do not have “running water” use less than five gallons of water a day.…

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Taking the too-long walk for water

Apache girl balances water basket on head

Add up all the miles women and children in South Africa walk. For water. Every day. Sixteen trips to the moon and back, Every day, For water. from page 41,…

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It’s all right to cry, flamingo

Flamingos are one of the few land creatures that can drink salt water and live. That is because they excrete (get rid of) the deadly salt by crying. Flamingos cry…

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