The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Pictures

January 21, 2020

On December 17th, I introduced to my readers the visionary document, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I asked, “What if during this holiday time of gifts and family, food and laughter, you could give to every child—or even one child—the gift of safety, of being with family, having a home, a full tummy with ice cream for dessert, a book to read, being able to read? A future?”

One story from Amnesty International:

They were playing outside of their home in Syria. Brother and sister. Elementary school-aged children.

In an instant, the attacks started. Mortars landed nearby as they played.

The brother was mortally injured. He couldn’t breathe. He died of his wounds.

The sister was also struck by shrapnel in the attack. Doctors were forced to amputate part of her leg.

They were playing outside of their home. There were no military bases or checkpoints anywhere nearby—only residential homes, a bakery, and a restaurant.

About the photo at right, Andrea at Amnesty International writes, “These Syrian children, who barely escaped the war, are celebrating a new year in their new home in Virginia. Let’s toast to another impactful year for human rights! Thank you!”

We Are All Born FreeThe first few articles of the Declaration of Human Rights declare:

  • We are all born free and equal.
  • We should all be treated in the same way. These rights belong to everyone, whatever our differences.
  • We all have the right to life, and to live in freedom and safety. Every child has the right to live in safety, to laugh, to learn, to play, to imagine … to hope, to dream.
  • Every child has a right to have a future.

Children are our most precious resource.

Every Human Has RightsBooks to explore:

We Are All Born Free: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Pictures by Amnesty International (all royalties from this book are donated to Amnesty International)

Every Human Has Rights by National Geographic

During this year, I encourage you to donate time, talents, or money to an organization that works to protect children. Who can grow up free and equal without a home, without a family, without an education?

Nancy Bo Flood

As a fish-brain surgeon or a rodeo poem wrangler, I have loved stories. I strongly believe that words – in poetry or prose – help heal our hearts and give us new eyes to see the world. I was first a research psychologist studying brain development at the University of Minnesota and London University before following my passion – writing for children. Learn more...