A rich tradition of women photographing rodeo

February 11, 2016
Famed rodeo photographer began with this camera, nicknamed "The Brick," which cost just $27 then. (Photo credit: Jarek Tuszynski, Wikimedia Commons)

Famed rodeo photographer Louise Serpa began with this camera, nicknamed “The Brick.” Later, Serpa lugged a 30-pound bag of photo gear to all her rodeo shoots. (Photo credit: Jarek Tuszynski, Wikimedia Commons)

While writing Cowboy Up! Riding the Navajo Rodeo, I became enthralled by the book’s rodeo photography, all taken by gifted photographer Jan Sonnemair.

Because of Jan, I was delighted to see what author and historian Jan Cleere has created about another female rodeo photographer. Cleere’s new work is “Never Don’t Pay Attention” The Life of Rodeo Photographer Louise L. Serpa

The author will have a booth at the 91st annual La Fiesta de los Vaqueros, Feb. 20-28 in Tucson, Arizona.

Books and rodeo together? Readers Up!


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