The Counseling Handbook

1998, Childswork/Childsplay, LLC
ISBN: 1-882732-65-0
Practical Strategies to Help Children with Common Problems

This useful guidebook provides treatment options for the most common problems children face, including divorce, sexual or drug abuse, death, depression, and eating disorders. Each chapter focuses on one emotional problem from intake to treatment, complications, and long-term concerns. A must for the bookshelf of every counselor. 192-page hardcover book.


The Counseling Handbook by Nancy Bo Flood

The Counseling Workbook

This fully reproducible handbook is chock-full of strategies designed to help children handle such challenges as parental divorce, living in a blended family, loss and grieving, food-related issues, coping with depression, having ADD/LD, and being gifted.

For each key idea, there is a story, narrated in a child's voice, to illustrate the issue. There are questions to focus discussion and an activity designed to help children adapt and cope. Additional references are also provided.

88-page workbook
ISBN: 1-58815-081-X
The Counseling Workbook


  1. Mystica on January 27, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    I work with children one in an orphanage with 35 girls ranging in ages from 6 to 18 and the other in a counselling group where I work with not just children but with distressed adults as well. I would love to read this book but I guess it will not be available in my part of the world.

  2. Beatriks Bunga on July 22, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    Hi Nancy….

    Happy to read ur Blog and see ur book
    i’m an Indonesian n worked with children for a long time in formal and informal condition.
    Now i try to develop counseling for children based indonesian culture especially in East Nusa tenggara.
    Hope u can share knowledge with me..

    Best Regard