Sand to Stone and Back Again

Photos by Tony Kuyper
2009 - Fulcrum Publishing
ISBN #1555916570

The landscape of the desert Southwest sports a wide variety of shapes, colors, and textures. Natural forces have left behind a diverse topography that dazzles the eye and kindles the imagination.

Secrets of Sand to Stone takes readers on a journey through time to understand how this present day scenery is the result of many forces and great change over long periods of time.

The narrative is complimented by full-color photographs and line art that depict the processes that have occurred and that showcase the spectacular formations that exist today.

Along with the geological journey, the book also describes how change is part of the human journey. The beauty of natural change becomes a metaphor for the splendor of the human experience.

Written for readers age 6 through 12, Secrets of Sand to Stone uses words and images to impart and understanding of how change creates beauty.


"Be sand. Be sandstone. Nancy Bo Flood uses poetic language to explore geology and beauty. Sand to Stone and Back Again is a wonderful read aloud to introduce and expand on classroom studies of geology, particularly the rock cycle. Tony Kuyper's photos of desert southwest rock formations are stunning." - April Pulley Sayre

"This small paperback book, designed to help kids understand the circular process of the creation and erosion of desert sandstone, does so in a big way. Flood's text, written from the perspective of the sandstone, draws readers in, as do the luscious photos. Readers of all ages will be awed by nature's breathtaking beauty, and humbled by the ongoing beat of life. The kid-friendly glossary will surely spark conversation between adults and young readers, as well as ignite a passion for the health of the planet." - Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt