From the Mouth of the Monster Eel

Stories from Micronesia

Fulcrum Publishing
ISBN #1555912451

How can Bikar outwit the great monster eel? What happens to the disobedient Sirena?

Beautifully complemented by Margo Vitarelli’s rhythmic woodcuts, these magical retellings of adventure, creation, and courage give readers of all ages a delightful glimpse of island folklore.

"From Micronesia, the islands far west of Hawaii, come these six legends about the beginnings of things. They are stories of magic, trickery , disobedience, courage and sacrifice. As they explain the origins of the bejwak bird, the breadfruit tree, coconuts, navigational stars, and more, they also give the reader a glimpse of the islands and the way life used to be. In the story of Sirena, the girl who could not resist the lure of the sea, we share the chores of tending taro, weaving mats and squeezing cream from coconuts. Children will identify with Sirena who tries hard to obey, but cannot stay away from the water, despite the risk of an awful punishment. They will learn, as Sirena did, that the survival of the society depends on the cooperation of every individual.

The book is intended for children but will be of interest to tellers ' looking for stories of the sea, of beginnings, or from that geographic area. And, of course, there are always other connections that can be made. "The Tree That Bled Fish," for instance, could be used ill an environmental program."

From the Mouth of the Monster Eel: Stories from Micronesia by Bo Flood