I’ll Go To School If…

Engaging young children’s book that confronts the fears surrounding a child’s first day of school.
Illustrated by Ronnie Walter Shipman.
Fairview Press, Minneapolis · ISBN: 157749024X

"I'll go to school if… I can ride on the back of a lion!" declares a young boy on the first day of school. His imaginative suggestions sound great, but they mask the fear that many children feel when starting school.

Again and again, his plans are brought back down to earth by his practical mother, who tells him "it's the rule to go to school". The boy discovers his mother is just as apprehensive as he is, and helping her gives him the courage he needs. I'll Go To School If. . . offers young readers realistic tours of classrooms, blending imagination and humor into an effective coping technique for some very real anxieties surrounding going to a school for the first time. - The Midwest Book Review


I'll Go To School If... by Nancy Bo Flood